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aKode::LocalFile Class Reference

#include <localfile.h>

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Detailed Description

An implementation of the File interface for local-file access.

LocalFile uses the ordinary system-interfaces for file-access, and is thus capable of both reading, writing and seeking.

Definition at line 34 of file localfile.h.

Public Member Functions

void close ()
bool eof () const
bool error () const
void fadvise ()
int fd () const
long length () const
 LocalFile (const char *filename)
bool openRO ()
bool openRW ()
bool openWO ()
long position () const
long read (char *ptr, long num)
bool readable () const
bool seek (long to, int whence=SEEK_SET)
bool seekable () const
long write (const char *ptr, long num)
bool writeable () const

Public Attributes

const char * filename

Private Attributes

int _fd
long len
bool m_eof
bool m_readable
bool m_writeable
long pos

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