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aKode::Player Class Reference

#include <player.h>

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Detailed Description

An implementation of a multithreaded aKode-player.

The Player interface provides a clean and simple interface to multithreaded playback. Notice however that the Player interface itself is not reentrant and should thus only be used by a single thread.

Definition at line 42 of file player.h.

Public Types

enum  State {
  Closed = 0, Open = 2, Loaded = 4, Playing = 8,
  Paused = 12

Public Member Functions

void close ()
Decoderdecoder () const
void detach ()
Filefile () const
bool load (File *file)
bool load (const char *filename)
bool open (const char *sinkname)
void pause ()
void play ()
Resamplerresampler () const
void resume ()
void setDecoderPlugin (const char *plugin)
void setManager (Manager *manager)
void setMonitor (Monitor *monitor)
void setResamplerPlugin (const char *plugin)
void setVolume (float v)
Sinksink () const
State state () const
void stop ()
void unload ()
float volume () const
void wait ()

Private Member Functions

bool load ()
void setState (State state)

Private Attributes

private_data * d


class  Manager
class  Monitor
struct  private_data

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