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#ifndef _mpc_streaminfo_h_
#define _mpc_streaminfo_h_

#ifndef _mpc_dec_h_
class MPC_reader;

// error codes
#define ERROR_CODE_OK            0
#define ERROR_CODE_FILE         -1
#define ERROR_CODE_SV7BETA       1
#define ERROR_CODE_CBR           2
#define ERROR_CODE_IS            3

class StreamInfo {
  typedef long off_t;

  typedef struct {
    unsigned int        SampleFreq;
    unsigned int        Channels;
    off_t               HeaderPosition;     // byte position of header
    unsigned int        StreamVersion;      // Streamversion of current file
    unsigned int        Bitrate;            // bitrate of current file (bps)
    double              AverageBitrate;     // Average bitrate in bits/sec
    unsigned int        Frames;             // number of frames contained
    MPC_INT64           PCMSamples;
    unsigned int        MaxBand;            // maximum band-index used (0...31)
    unsigned int        IS;                 // Intensity Stereo (0: off, 1: on)
    unsigned int        MS;                 // Mid/Side Stereo (0: off, 1: on)
    unsigned int        BlockSize;          // only needed for SV4...SV6 -> not supported
    unsigned int        Profile;            // quality profile
    const char*         ProfileName;

    // ReplayGain related data
    short               GainTitle;
    short               GainAlbum;
    unsigned short      PeakAlbum;
    unsigned short      PeakTitle;

    // true gapless stuff
    unsigned int        IsTrueGapless;      // is true gapless used?
    unsigned int        LastFrameSamples;   // number of valid samples within last frame

    unsigned int        EncoderVersion;     // version of encoder used
    char                Encoder[256];

    off_t TagOffset;
    off_t TotalFileLength;
  } BasicData;

  BasicData           simple;

  StreamInfo ();
  int ReadStreamInfo ( MPC_reader *fp );
  MPC_INT64 GetLenthSamples();
  double GetLength();//in seconds

  int ReadHeaderSV6 ( unsigned int HeaderData [8] );
  int ReadHeaderSV7 ( unsigned int HeaderData [8] );
  int ReadHeaderSV8 ( MPC_reader* fp );

#endif //_mpc_streaminfo_h_

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