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aKode::AudioFrame Struct Reference

#include <audioframe.h>

Inheritance diagram for aKode::AudioFrame:

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Detailed Description

The internal audio format.

AudioFrames are used through-out akodelib as the mean of audiotransport. It derives from AudioConfiguration because it caries its own interpretation around with it.

Definition at line 40 of file audioframe.h.

Public Member Functions

void freeSpace ()
bool operator== (const AudioConfiguration &b) const
void reserveSpace (uint8_t iChannels, long iLength, int8_t iWidth)
void reserveSpace (const AudioConfiguration *config, long iLength)

Public Attributes

uint8_t channel_config
uint8_t channels
int8_t ** data
long length
long max
long pos
uint32_t sample_rate
int8_t sample_width
uint8_t surround_config

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